Resin Trafo


我色我色Modine CIS’ Resin-Trafo is a niche product, totally customized, designed ad hoc on the client’s need and on the single application; for this reason, it allows the highest specialization and personalization, especially depending on the transformer’s casing size that vary based on producer and dimensions of reference.

Designed for medium-small applications, such as transformation plants in sport fields, ships and all those industrial applications where a tension commutation is needed without the set up of a fix plant cooled by oil, Resin-Trafo is particularly suitable for those environments subject to blast dangers, where a traditional oil cooling would consequently be not recommended.

In cruise or merchant ships, for example, this solution is very effective: the traditional plant is replaced by a static equipment, where only the fan-motors are rotating. All mobile or semi-mobile applications can be therefore satisfied by this integrated system that features forced air circulation.

Finned pack heat exchanger

我色我色Resin-Trafo is fitted with a finned pack heat exchanger, that is the core of the application and that allows the regulation of the air flow forced inside by the fan-motors, keyed on radial fan wheels. The product can be also equipped with dampers, that intercept the air flow in case the fan-motors switch off.

Modine CIS supplies the complete solution, manufacturing the model and the heat exchanger, but also provides a stand alone heat exchanger, that is then fitted by the customer into the casing.