Steam Coils


我色我色Modine steam coils are specifically designed with condensate management in mind. Tube and connection size are combined to limit condensate retention in the coil, preventing water hammer while delivering even distribution of steam on the entire face.

With single-tube coils, the steam supply and condensate return headers and connections are normally at the opposite ends of the coil. Uniform steam distribution to each of the coil core tubes is accomplished through careful header-assembly design. The steam supply connection should be located in the centre of the header, with a perforated plate-type baffle located directly behind this connection. Carefully sized orifices are located in each of the core tube entrances into the header. 

Dual-tube coils utilise a smaller inner tube, with precisely spaced, directional, orifice-type perforations. This helps to direct condensate flow to the return header. The steam supply, condensate-return headers, and connections may be fabricated in 'same-end' or 'opposite-end' orientation.



Tube material

Additional tube material available upon request

Fin material

Additional fin material available upon request

Standard or steam distributing construction is available for high and low pressure applications. Standard steam type is 5/8" or 1" tube steam coil, known as the single-tube design. 

Any steam coil can freeze when exposed to sub-zero temperatures without the proper drainage of the condensate. Steam-distributing 5/8" and 1" tubes are "freeze resistant", known as the dual-tube design. 


Modine Steam Coils

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