MicroChannel Coils


Microchannel coils have been used in the automotive industry for more than twenty years but the technology has only recently been adapted to the HVAC&R industry. Modine is one of the few companies leading the way with this new technology.

我色我色Modine's microchannel coils are the next generation of energy efficient condenser coils for converting gas to liquid. In microchannel coils the tubes are flat and, instead of one large port, they contain multiple micro ports.

我色我色Microchannel coils are made from 100% aluminium.

Advantages of Modine microchannel coils


我色我色Modine also offers microchannel coils for military air conditioning, manufactured with light-weight materials and specifically designed for harsh or rugged conditions including extreme temperatures.


Microchannel coils include aluminum tubes and fins.  This unique-unimetal design is easy to recycle and highly efficient.