Energy Recovery Systems


Modine produces custom-made energy recovery systems. As every application is unique, we conduct a thorough analysis of the situation to ensure a perfectly balanced load between supply and exhaust. We can supply the coils needed for energy recovery as stand alone items, or through our ECOTERM® system, we can supply additional parts, such as pumps.

ECOTERM® Energy Recovery System

我色我色ECOTERM® is a liquid coupled energy recovery system, which enables the recovery of heat from exhaust air and radically lowers heating costs for ventilation air.

In the ECOTERM® system, one coil is positioned in the exhaust air duct and one in the supply air duct. The coils are then interconnected in a closed liquid circuit, thus eliminating the risk of the transfer of crossover air leakage.

The elimination of leakage between the extract and supply air means that ECOTERM® can be used safely in hospitals, chemical industries or clean room environments. ECOTERM® gives high temperature efficiency and is easy to install in existing climate installations. ECOTERM® is energy efficient and can also be used for cooling recovery in warm conditions.


ECOTERM® Optima is a new tool to help you work out the most economic system for your specific climate and operating conditions. This is done by calculating the influence of adding more tube rows to an initial four row coil.

The change in operating costs and required interest on the investment are both calculated so ECOTERM® Optima will give you the net present value of both the technical life span and stated depreciation time.