Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and Industrial Solutions’ offering to the HVAC&R markets is among the broadest in the world - this is the result of many decades of growth, development and acquisition. For simplicity, it can be broken down into four major areas: 

Indoor climate solutions

我色我色Indoor comfort for people and equipment, in both private and public environments 

Mobile climate solutions

我色我色Comfort for people in private, commercial and industrial vehicles.

Food storage and transport-refrigeration solutions

Keeping food at the right temperature from preparation, to tranportation, to storage and supermarket shelving.

Industrial processes solutions

Cooling and heating for specialised industrial applications in both the process and power sectors.


Indoor Climate

Application End-Use
Home HVAC suppliers Homes, apartments
Commercial/Industrial HVAC suppliers Apartment blocks, office & industrial buildings, ships
HiTech/CloseControl Telecom, computing centers, clean rooms

Mobile HVAC

Application End-Use
Automotive HVAC equipment suppliers
Automotive HVAC after-market suppliers
RC HVAC suppliers Campers, house vans, boats
Heavy vehicles HVAC suppliers Trucks, buses, machinery operator cabins, military, rail

Food Service, Storage, And Transport Refrigeration

Application End-Use
Food-chain cold room suppliers storage rooms, operating rooms
Food-chain cooling unit suppliers show cases, bottle coolers, refrigerator cabinets
Transport refrigeration suppliers containers, trucks, vans

Industrial Process

Application End-Use
Electrical motor and generator builders cooling air for large electrical motors and generators
High power transformer builders to cool hot transformer oil in power plants etc
Pulp & paper machine manufacturers dryers / heaters for the wood, paper and pulp industries
Industrial water cooling customers to cool industrial water of many kinds
Other industrial applications other industrial heating or cooling applications
Petro/chemical industrial applications
Air treatment equipment manufacturers

Product Brands


The ECO group is one of the foremost designers and suppliers of coils and coolers in the world. Luvata acquired the group in 2007 and maintained the ECO name for all of its finished cooling-unit solutions.


For nearly half a century, Heatcraft has played a major role in developing and manufacturing custom heat transfer products for the commercial, industrial, telecommunications, transportation, and replacement markets.

我色我色Over the past 50 years we have expanded our product offerings to accommodate nearly every heat transfer application. We utilise many types of materials - copper, aluminum, stainless, carbon steel and admiralty brass – to produce a coil technology that best fits the customer's requirement. Heatcraft technology is at the heart of our coils.


Coiltech has been widely known for heating, cooling and heat recovery in ventilations systems as well as indirect cooling of industrial equipment such as power transformers, power generators, large electrical motors and stationary diesel engines. Coiltech was acquired along with the ECO Group in 2006 and the excellence of the brand has been absorbed into Luvata's coils.


ElectroFin revolutionised the way HVAC/R coils were protected from corrosive environments. Today, ElectroFin is recognised by the HVAC/R industry as the leading technology for corrosion-resistant coil coatings. In fact, ElectroFin e-coat is used by every major OEM as their number-one choice for corrosion protection.