Modine's custom vapor compression system design software, MPOWER, lets you design a solution that fits your needs.

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我色我色MPOWER was developed specifically for the HVAC&R market to meet the system sizing needs required when modeling a vapor compression cycle. Component modeling systems do not allow you to optimize the cost of your system and extract the most value.

  • Parametric study capabilities to reduce cost and optimize performance
  • User friendly interface reduces complexity and time to run the model
  • Fast and robust calculation produces quality results quickly

我色我色Modine licenses MPOWER to customers and our trained application engineering team uses MPOWER to provide the solutions our customers require.


  • Model various air to refrigerant coils
  • Detailed modeling of RTPF and microchannel evaporator and condenser
  • Constant area, constant evap/cond temperature
  • Model various compressor types
  • Generic and detailed models available
  • Allows for common refrigerants to be used
  • R410A, R404A, R407C, R22, R134a, R1234, R290, R600, R744 etc.
  • Allows for different expansion devices
  • TXV, cap tube, short tube
  • Allows for line work losses (Q and dP)
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