Parallel Flow Condensers, Oil Coolers, and Combo-Coolers

Modine's PF® products are compact, lightweight, durable and highly efficient.

Modine's PF oil coolers are used for a variety of cooling needs including engine, transmission, and hydraulic oil as well as fuel cooling.

Our highly efficient PF condensers cool high-pressure refrigerant vapor by condensing it into a liquid refrigerant. For system cost savings and packaging flexibility Modine also offers our PF condenser complete with an integrated receiver-drier.

For more efficient packaging, we can combine the PF condenser and oil cooler to form a single-unit PF combo-cooler.

Features and Benefits

我色我色 Our controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) PF products offer excellent corrosion resistance and flexible design capabilities with low pressure-drop. The result is an incredibly lightweight, efficient, and long-life durable product.

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