Liquid-Cooled Charge-Air Coolers

Liquid-cooled charge-air coolers (LCACs) were developed to help enable diesel and gasoline engine manufacturers to meet stringent emissions regulations and to improve fuel economy.

LCACs have typically been used as an aftercooler to cool the hot charge air to an acceptable level before entering the engine. With the introduction of series turbocharging, intercooling has also become necessary to reduce the charge air temperatures prior to being directed to the second compressor stage. This allows original equipment manufacturers flexibility to use lower cost materials for this second compressor.

我色我色LCACs are also used as an alternative to an air-to-air charge-air cooler. In this case, the LCAC is used in conjunction with a low-temperature coolant circuit to reduce the temperature of the charge-air into the intake manifold to help meet engine emission requirements and achieve enhanced fuel economy.

Features and Benefits

LCACs are available in a variety of configurations and materials to address mixed gas (exhaust gas and charge air) applications.

我色我色Additionally, Modine works closely with the OEMs and intake manifold suppliers to integrate the LCAC into the intake manifold system for optimized performance and packaging.

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