Exhaust Gas Recirculation Coolers

With the advent of stringent emissions regulations and improved fuel economy standards, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler (EGR-C) has become a critical component in both diesel and gasoline engine systems to reduce NOx (nitrous oxide) emissions and improve fuel economy. This is accomplished by returning cooled exhaust gas back to the engine. The EGR-C is designed to cool this recirculated exhaust gas with coolant, thereby reducing its volume and increasing its density.

Features and Benefits

Modine offers highly efficient, vacuum-brazed, stainless steel tube bundle and tube-and-insert designs that are well suited to the durability and performance requirements of the automotive market. An EGR-C can be optimized for performance by varying fin densities and/or geometries, and can be customized to your installation.

In 2001, Modine was one of the first heat exchanger manufacturers to market with a light-duty automotive EGR-C. With years of global expertise, Modine can offer an integrated system approach to reduce emissions and optimize engine performance.

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